2 Important Tips for A Freelance Designer

Designer paper work

It’s time to get official as a designer, paperwork official. Once you’ve decide to get serious about freelancing, you need to have guidelines. A set of policies that help direct yourself and any possible clients.

Terms of use, designs rights, pricing structure, etc. These guidelines should contain important information a client will like to know, and you would like to express.

The more information out in the public, the better. The less a client has to email you about, the better.

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Design Concept: Masking

What is masking?

Masking is hiding parts of an object (or layer), such as an image with another object or layer.

We are essentially applying a mask that covers all parts of the object except for the area we selected or did not select (inverse masking).

Masking is used throughout many different career fields ranging from video production, graphic design, and painting.


Why You Should Always Have Deadlines

Deadlines are very important. Deadlines ensure that objectives are completed in a timely manner, or there is usually some form of consequence.

In the design world, those consequences are normally a sizeable discount or refund to the client.

We should all be giving ourselves deadlines, regardless of the type of project we are working on. Whether a side project or a design for a client, give yourself a deadline.


Designing: 2 things you should do to become a better designer

Design often, Often designing

Designing should be a constant factor in your life. It’s a pretty obvious, but so very important. Good design isn’t a “talent”, it is a skill. A skill that is molded through hard work and repetition. Practice, practice, practice.

Good designers and artist aren’t created overnight, it takes years to get to that point. Years of attempting, failing, and learning.