Choosing The Right Software for a Job Makes A Big Difference

Choices, Choices, Choices

We have numerous amount of options when it comes to choosing. We have endless number of places to shop, eat, and to spend our time.

Design software is also no exception. We have different types of software for all different crafts and needs. Choosing the right program for the jobs makes a big difference.

We have vector, raster, video editing, 3D modeling and numerous other designing software to choose from.

Choosing the right software

One of the major parts of doing any design work is choosing the appropriate or more “optimized” software to complete a specific task.

Choosing the right tool for the job saves you a lot of time and headache. And anything that saves you time also saves you money. How you design is just as important as what you design.

Let’s say we have to hang up a picture frame. We could use a rubber mallet when we needed a metal hammer. Sure, the project could be completed with that mallet but the effort required would be exponentially more.

A lot more force would be needed to hit that nail into the wall. Extra effort that wouldn’t be needed if we had chosen the more optimized tool for the task at hand.

Primary Function

Software are designed with a central goal in mind, it’s primary function.

While completing their primary function, numerous programs also have other capabilities that helps to form a versatile tool.

Functionality that may be helpful for a minor task that may  appear.

Photoshop editing video software

Photoshop for example primarily functions as a raster graphic editor, but this program also includes other capabilities such as basic video editing.

Photoshop has the ability to import video footage files such as MP4 and perform basic color correction.

While Photoshop can technically edit footage, it’s not optimized for this process as a primary a video editing software such as Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro.

Photoshop is optimized for working with raster assets, working with images. Sure, you can create short videos, but it isn’t as optimized for such a task.

The process is completely different, and tasks often require more effort to accomplish.

Choose the appropriate program, for the appropriate task. When you’re working on a complicated design project, you’re going to need a program that is optimized for the task at hand.

A movie studio would not professionally edit their latest blockbuster film in Photoshop because it isn’t optimized for that task.

When you’re working with hundreds of clips that equate up to several hours of footage, you’re going to need a program that was designed to manage that type of workload.

Choosing the correct program for the job makes a difference, especially when you’re are working with other designers.

Knowing which tools to use is a knowledge that comes with time, and experience

By Romaine Raffington

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