Designing: 2 things you should do to become a better designer

Design often, Often designing

Designing should be a constant factor in your life. It’s a pretty obvious, but so very important. Good design isn’t a “talent”, it is a skill. A skill that is molded through hard work and repetition. Practice, practice, practice.

Good designers and artist aren’t created overnight, it takes years to get to that point. Years of attempting, failing, and learning.

Design is like a muscle, and just like any muscle in your body you have to “work it” to increase its strength.

It doesn’t matter what you work on, just design. Design posters, silly icons, literally anything. Just design, there is no design too simple.

The more you design, the more you learn about your development tools and design in general.

By learning more about your design tools, you become more comfortable and confident using them.

Which also allows your design process to become more streamline. Which leads to better designing.

Design, experiment, learn, and revise. Challenge yourself, try something you never done before. Try to reproduce familiar design styles and trends. Design everything.

The best way to learn how to ride a bicycle is to get on one. Put on your helmet and pedal, when you fall (which you will) brush yourself off and keep pedaling.

There is never a reason to stop pedaling, especially when you’re a designer.

Good things take time to accomplish, so don’t get discourage with how long certain things seem to take.

design, design, design

Find your niche through designs, and find your style through numerous iterations.

Don’t worry about good or bad, that’s subjective. Just create and become comfortable with the work you create.

The world isn’t as unpredictable as we think it is. Many elements that appear in our lives are cycles. Cycles that occur so often we will start to pick up certain aspect of their pattern.

We complete the same task, and are asked the same question. Design is no different. Design often and you will run into familiar issues, and scenarios.


a book on a person lap, which helps with designing

Read More

After you’re done designing, do some reading. Read more, learn the history about that one design style that inspired you so much. Read about the latest designs trends, and prediction of where design is heading in the future.

Learn the name of that one style you emulated so much, but don’t know what to quite call it.

Learn about design concepts so you can bring them up in conversations with other designers, and even interviews.

Read until you learn how to explain your design concepts, idea and process.

Look at tutorials, design journals, and design processes from other designers. Learn about the latest design technology and software.

Read a book, website or a blog.

Even if it isn’t design related, just read more. You’ll be surprised on where your next inspiration comes from, and you can learn so much by just reading.

These might already be things that you already do, and if that’s the case keep doing them. Time will showcase their impact.

By Romaine Raffington

Designer. Writer. Human.

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