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Designers Who Don’t Use A Mac

If you were to walk into a design agency or design lab at a university one of the first thing you will notice are Macs. Lots and lots of Mac computers.

If you were to visit your local designer friendly coffee shop, you are also going to notice a lot of Macs. Designers love Macs.

Which is interesting as seeing Windows has a 90% share of the desktop computer market.

We aren’t here to talk about why designers love Macs, but do you have to use a Mac as a designer?

Are Macs better than Window’s computer when it comes to designing? Do you need a Mac to become a graphic designer?

The short answer to that question is no, and the very long answer is nooo.

Creativity isn’t limited to, or enhance on a specific platform. Using a Mac does not give you a design edge over using a Window’s computer.

The platform you design on doesn’t affect your capabilities or skill set in any manner. It’s the same design principals, same design methods and very often the same software.

The Tools:

One of the major components of graphic design and design in general are the tools available. The programs designers and developers use to develop a product.

The de facto standard for graphic design software is the Adobe creative suite, which is now Adobe creative cloud.

Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, After effects. Software that is available on both platform, and all contain the same exact features.

All the major software suits and tools designers used are available to both platforms.

Files are independent from their programs native operating system and can be used interchangeable.

So Photoshop files from a Window’s computer can be opened and edited with Photoshop on a Mac.

There are platform specific apps such as sketch for Mac OS that has gain in popularity, but the features of this app aren’t limited to just the Mac platform.

There are numerous web application and windows alternative to accomplish the same task on the Windows platform.

While this specific app might be available to windows designer, its functionality still is through other application such as Adobe XD.

Adobe creative clouds cover many the tools and software designers need for many task from photo editing, illustration and video production.

As a Windows designer, you have just as many choices if not more.

Close up of Mac desktop

The hardware:

It’s often a misconception that Macs are far superior to Window’s PC when it comes to the hardware department. This conclusion is often drawn by comparing a $400 computer to a $1400 MacBook pro or iMac.

A Windows PC of similar value will often out perform a Mac of similar value.

Mac’s are often more expensive due to their design and build quality as oppose to the components that are often placed inside them.

Apple also charges a premium for their product often referred to as “Apple tax”.


A lot of design firms and designer today use Mac for their designing needs, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

But having a Mac isn’t a prerequisite to becoming a designer, and Window designer won’t be limited by their platform.

But as a designer, you will have to know your way around Mac OS as they are so common in the design field.

A majority of design offices only work with Macs, so as a designer you will encounter them often.

In conclusion, you aren’t limited in your creativity or design career by working not working on a Mac.

Mac OS and Windows share a large pool of the same design software, and tools. Regardless of what platform you use, the same design principles apply.

Creativity is platform independent.

By Romaine Raffington

Designer. Writer. Human.

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